What's New

Gone are the times when the thought of a dental visit was enough to scare anyone.

Now over the last decade Dentistry has witnessed tremendous improvement in terms of understanding of the oral biology and tissue behaviour, advent of newer dental materials with predictable and unmatched esthetic results and also technological improvement in dental equipments to make the entire procedure a painless effort.

Here we showcase the recent Dental Advancements that have brought Smiles to Million faces as Smile is one thing that is never out of style.

Dental Implants

They have heralded the advent of new era in Dentistry today by providing solutions to a variety of situations. Made from high grade Titanium are suitable for individuals above 18 yrs. Now ill Fitting Dentures and issues with fixed replacement of teeth by Dental bridges have become history. They are definitely more advantageous as they function physiologically similar to a natural teeth and conserve bone and surrounding teeth at the same time.

Metal Free Zirconia Ceramic Crowns

With strength like never before these crowns fabricated with CAD/CAM technology offer unparallel esthetics and biocompatibility with the oral tissues. They can be employed in variety of situations now come with a warranty of 5 years. They offer the most natural and life like realistic solution without the regular drawbacks of conventional ceramic crowns.

Flexible Dentures

Wearing dentures is more soothing and pleasurable experience for its users now because of the softness imparted by incorporating nylon into the dentures. Flexible Dentures added a new dimension of comfort by negligible food lodgment, absence of irritating metal clips, definite reduction of ulcers commonly seen with new dentures and a perfect fit to suit your lifestyle.

Clear and transparent Ceramic Braces

Now you can hide your braces and not your smile. Now anyone can wear braces get the problem rectified without getting noticed. They have been a boon for teens and adults alike who can change their smile and life without compromising their lifestyle.

Rotary Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment is more predictable, safer, successful, less stressful and painless now than it was ever before. Now the treatment is performed in single visit with more accurate outcome thanks to the use of rotary engine driven files to clean the canal system, improved assessment of the root tip location, excellent root canal sealing materials achieving that perfect seal ensuring a more successful procedure. With the use of newer techniques and materials even drug dependence is reduced to a large extent and excessive usage of antibiotics can be prevented. God gave us teeth to last a lifetime so why let them run away early.


Tooth Jewellery

Style your Smile with aTooth Jewellery. Now you can treat yourself to a great smile with the help of tooth jewels which can be pasted on to the tooth surface. The best part is that no tooth preparation is required and the procedure requires just 5 minutes making the transition from a beautiful smile to a sparkling one. Tried and tested materials are used for the purpose and the oral hygiene too is easy to maintain.