Light Cure Composite Restorations

Hide your Fillings and not your smile is the mantra with new age tooth colored composite restorations. Composite restorations or tooth colored fillings as we more commonly know it are done on teeth to restore them back to function, health and natural aesthetics. Restorations or fillings are done in teeth which get damaged by dental decay or cavities and cavity has not reached the pulp(soft part of the tooth which contains nerves and blood vessels). Conventionally silver restorations were done but not anymore.

Composite restorations give life like natural look to the tooth as it restores the health and functionality. They are versatile as they don’t show when one smiles, laughs; can be repaired; has less chances of getting cavities under the restoration; their chewing wear pattern is similar to that of natural tooth and they don’t have mercury as present in silver fillings.

In our practice we use Composites from 3M ESPE (U.S.A.), Dentsply (U.S.A.) and Coltene Whaledent (U.S.A.). For Finishing and polishing of composites we use SofLex From 3M and Super Snap from Shofu both rated as 5 Star products by Dental Advisor and Reality.

Composites can be used in front or back teeth and gives amazing results which are there for everyone.



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